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Dealing With Conflict – The Inevitable Part Of Leadership!

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

Leaders accept that managing conflict is part and parcel of their role and it cannot be avoided.

Many would agree that successfully managing conflict at work is one of the most valuable skills that any leader can develop. Instilling a culture of respecting each other’s differences will create a powerful team.

People often think of conflict as arising between two individuals. However, more often than not, it is usually the result of a manager not being equipped with the tools to pick up on difficulties within the team before they escalate. Sometimes even if they have spotted conflict, they may not necessarily have the right skills to effectively manage the process despite their best intentions.

If conflict is not dealt with promptly, properly and proactively it can lead to an increase in staff turnover, lower productivity and reduced team morale. It has a direct impact on any business model as it stifles creativity, reduces collaboration and cooperation.

Invest in yourself and develop your team. Developing your conflict resolution skills further, so that everyone can actually embrace conflict, which when managed correctly can play a healthy part in any team. The results of meaningful conflict include healthier debate, a stronger team, improved processes and strategies with better outcomes, innovative thinking and above all closer relationships.

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