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Start Ups - Managing Your Emotions

You spend every waking moment thinking about your product or service, getting traction with users, fundraising, negotiating, hiring, firing and managing your employees. You are constantly talking to investors, employees, consultants, family, friends and significant others about your business ventures.

However, do you have the time and energy to focus on your personal needs? Who do you share your inner thoughts with? Who hears about your greatest fears and your grandest visions? What keeps you up at night? It may be the general stresses of being a start up, or how you can you maintain a healthy work-life balance. Maybe you are wondering how to stay motivated and keep on showing up despite being rejected over and over again.

You embrace the risk, excitement, flexibility and sometimes even the uncertainty that comes with being a start-up. However, often there are emotions that you may not have anticipated feeling on your journey.

Below I have compiled a list of the 10 most common emotions felt by entrepreneurs at one point or another through their journey:




Low Confidence


Self Doubt

Negative Thinking




As an entrepreneur it is important to reflect and acknowledge what goes on in your mind and the feelings you go through on a regular basis. Identify and label these feelings and try to group them in the emotions I have highlighted above. Once you master the art of awareness and can identify with your emotions, only then will you be able to work on managing these emotions.

As a coach, I work with start-ups and provide them with the tools to remain optimistic, positive and to stay motivated. Together we look at your business to see what is working and changing what is not working. I provide encouragement and clarity and act as a sounding board. As someone who is independent to your business, my objectivity is to give you the space to reflect, maintain control and achieve the clarity you need to reach your goals.

My goal is to guide you and move you forward so that you can fully channel your emotions and drive your business forward. Leaving you feeling "Less Stressed and More Content".

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