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About Me

I’m Neelam, an Executive Coach based in London. I work with leaders who are looking to excel personally and professionally. My main focus is to help minimise the stress associated with leadership.
I started my career as a Corporate Tax Consultant in London after studying Economics at university then going on to work at Deloitte, PwC and UBS. It was a fast-paced, driven and frenetic environment that I fully embraced at the time. 
I took time out from my busy career to raise my wonderful family which has been very rewarding. Being away from the City, but staying in touch with friends and former colleagues, gave me a unique insight into how overwhelming corporate life could be and how easy it was to lose sight of your own passions and ambitions in the face of competing work and personal demands in this era of being ‘always switched on’. I began to notice some recurring themes and this sparked my curiosity to explore how behaviour, science and psychology could help me to better support those around me.

When the time came for me to return to work, I realised that my own passion lay in wanting to help others and adding value to their lives. This is when the penny dropped and it dawned on me that I wanted to pursue a career in Coaching. I have been personally mentored and trained by one of the UK’s leading Coaches.
Since embarking on my coaching journey, I have helped many leaders to find their edge and have worked with them to create a blueprint for success that is tailored to them. I find it immensely rewarding to see the impact and positivity that flows from my clients by making even the smallest of changes. There is also this new found motivation that they have to continue their journey once they start to see the results.

I am focused and committed to helping my clients overcome and address the challenges they face as leaders and will continually inspire and motivate them. I am keen for you to get in touch so that we can start your journey of professional and personal development.

Why Me

I have been you

Having worked at a number of large corporates, I appreciate that the challenges faced by busy executives can be complex and I am enthused and excited to help those who leaders who aspire to better themselves during these uncertain times.


I will tailor our sessions to facilitate your goals

I will help you acquire the edge that you are seeking. You will learn how to have balance in your life but still pursue your dreams and ambitions. Naturally, I am highly perceptive and will give you a clear vision of your goals and what is possible for you to achieve. Then we will look at the steps to achieve these goals.


I will challenge you

From the moment you embark on this journey to develop yourself and excel, I will ensure that no stones are left unturned in your quest to achieve your goals. I will monitor your progress to keep you on track to help you achieve your ambition. 


I will motivate you

When we explore the different aspects of your life, you will see that many of the areas in your personal and professional life are connected. Together, we will draw out how you can maximise your performance to its full potential by working on these areas.

I will save you time and share my knowledge with you

I recognise that your time is precious and I structure my programme so that you quickly benefit from my knowledge, experience and expertise. I am well-read and have undertaken the research to help you overcome your personal and professional development challenges so you can spend more time on the enjoyable things in your life.

I will help you create a mindset for success

The work we do together is sustainable and long-lasting. After all, creating a mentality that is set for success is based on instilling the right habits and is key to reaching your goals.

Finally, I will provide you with the skills and tools to continue your journey

When our time together comes to an end, we will have made positive changes as well as the awareness, skills and tools you need to help you to continue to develop on your own.

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