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The Coaching

Life coaching and executive coaching can easily be confused. While there are many crossovers, a key distinction is that life coaching covers personal issues and executive coaching focuses on improving career performance and progression.

There are times when both areas intertwine and it is necessary to look at your personal issues, especially if they are affecting your career. The reason for this is that issues such as confidence, motivation, stress and discipline, invariably straddle both our personal and professional lives.

This is why, during our coaching sessions, we will follow a programme suited to your individual requirements through a combination of life and executive coaching. 

My coaching for organisations and individuals is based on my Stressed in the City programme.


I coach organisations and support them to overcome the challenges they face running companies and managing teams. Corporate coaching enables leaders to raise their emotional intelligence, communication, empathy and soft skills.


My coaching makes it easier for leaders to inspire, motivate and influence those around them. I also help identify blind spots that hold back potential and performance.

I run group coaching sessions and workshops, can work with entire teams or deliver more bespoke one to one coaching for business owners, senior executives and employees. 


All workshops from my Stressed in the City series come under the following categories:

  • Leadership

  • Executive Presence

  • Productivity

  • People/Team Management

  • Wellbeing


As part of your individual coaching plan, we will work together to establish:

  • What it is that you want

  • Where you are now

  • Your external circumstances

  • Your inner processes, habits and beliefs.

We will then:

  • Create an action plan to define what you want to achieve and by when

  • Show you how action will help you achieve your goals

  • Identify obstacles and provide support along the way

  • Reflect and change your perspective

  • Create new empowering beliefs and habits

  • Set realistic personal and professional goals to help you move forward and make positive changes to your life.


Through this process:


  • You will learn to think differently in a clearer more balanced way

  • I will guide you and explore strategies to help illuminate your path forward

  • We will create a behavioural and emotional contagion effect where your emotions and behaviour directly trigger similar emotions in others around you.

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