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The Way We Will Work

I have a co-active coaching style where we work together, as equals, but to your agenda. I know that you are already great, naturally creative, resourceful and capable of finding your own answers to any challenges you face.

My role is simply to ask you powerful, thought-provoking questions in a time that you have devoted just for yourself. I am here to actively listen, provide you with the support to elicit and enhance your skills and to unlock the creativity or passion that you already have, rather than to instruct or advise you.


You’re still you, whether you’re at work or at home and together we will explore different areas of your work and personal life to get a deeper understanding of your needs so that I tailor a programme that best supports you. While our professional and personal lives are generally considered separate, from our sessions you will see that both work in tandem and we will look to nurture them simultaneously.

Our sessions will help you to discover what you really value, beyond the superficial, and what you need or what you want from your life. Your confidence, clarity and performance will grow as you will be more aware of patterns and behaviours that could be holding you back and will be actively working on changing them to create a better path.

Our sessions will work best if you are committed, somewhat open to trying out new ideas or techniques and agreeing to take positive action. This is my only expectation from you.

I look forward to helping you to unlock your potential as a leader, so do get in touch so that we can embark on this journey to excellence.

The Values By Which I Work

Authenticity and Transparency

Create an atmosphere where we talk about what matters. 

Do great things together, a co-creative process that will inspire self-discovery, new possibilities and strategic actions to help you achieve your goals. Reconceptualise issues to discover practical solutions. Create new ideas that are useful, generate more options and better solutions together. Foster bigger thinking that leads to idea generation and innovation.

If one strategy does not work there is always another we can try until we find the best one. Inspire and ignite you and your thinking.
Help you reflect and gain perspective on your life. As a coach provide clarity so you can gain perspective to live in harmony and balance.
Looking at things from different angles, helping you to see things from a different angle by asking illuminating questions. Help you see what you are not paying attention to, and show you any blind spots.


Question your actions and challenge any prevailing assumptions. Ask questions no one else has asked you. Create courage in you so that you can transform and evolve. Help you leap courageously into the next part of your life and career.

I am curious to learn about you, my client, also to expand my knowledge.  As a curious coach, I will allow you to explore and discover what was already there and to open up a wide area of potential unknown even to yourself.
Creating an impact by consistent strong performance as your coach, delivering you an impeccable service focusing on your results and assisting you in reaching them. Pursue growth and learning to help my clients. “Daring to be different!”

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