Imogen Roy

Brand & Marketing Strategist


Neelam is incredibly warm, approachable and empathetic. We connected straight away and had a very productive and insightful call.

She guided me through the call with thought-provoking questions that demonstrated her deep knowledge of people and, most importantly, what makes a successful and effective business leader.

I'd recommend Neelam wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking to up level their life in business.

Jo Stephenson-Thompson

Senior Account Manager and Customer Service Manager

Neelam gave a really interesting talk at an event we organised on Workplace Wellness. She was engaging to listen to and passionate about her subject. More companies should be taking this kind of advice on board!

Simon Tang

Freelance Photographer

Great negotiation advice in a short space of time, thanks Neelam.

Sarah  Gill

Director, Global Content Solutions - UBS 

Neelam’s fresh perspectives, questions and guidance have really helped me to clarify some of my decisions. The way in which she delved deep into the different aspects of my career enabled me to make a bit more sense of my goals. She showed great empathy and provided me with clarity. 

I have found Neelam to have tremendous knowledge and impact in assisting me with areas of my professional development. This has added immense value to my career. In between sessions she kindly sent me relevant resources to educate me which was very impressive.


She helped me realise my potential professionally and has pushed me to achieve more! She has enabled me to carry on with the necessary tools I have learnt from my coaching. She is a great listener and a fantastic communicator and has given me the support I needed at the right time. I felt comfortable to open up to her about anything and I really believe that she is a highly skilled life coach.

Sujata Devi

Marketing Manager - Barclays

Neelam asked me what I needed to work on and had a system to rate my feelings towards these areas. She helped me to understand how they were inter-related and how the low scores that I had given to some areas could be holding me back from achieving my goals.


She then asked me to scrap my long-standing goals as I hadn’t achieved them in all these years and they left me feeling disappointed in myself. She suggested that I set smaller mini-goals which were more achievable.


She also asked me to envisage my perfect career and what was stopping me from achieving it so that we could further explore these barriers and this was a really valuable exercise.


Neelam is an outstanding coach, always actively listening and reminding me of what we had spoken about in our previous sessions. Her probing further helped me to arrive at answers rather than her telling me what she thinks I should do.  Her style of coaching has given me so much clarity.


I was amazed by how quickly I benefited from the sessions. 


I have re-evaluated my goals by looking at my life from a different perspective focusing on what I have achieved, not what I haven’t and this is down to Neelam’s coaching.  I look forward to continue working with her-



Emma Fishman

Entrepreneur – Creative Makeovers

Before chatting to Neelam, I was feeling quite despondent about my job but even after our first session, she got me thinking about all the different opportunities I had and how to make the most of my skills. Neelam explained how important it is to work smarter and not spend hours and hours on the jobs that aren't lucrative. Being freelance, I can get a bit lost under piles of work, and meeting deadlines so it's sometimes easy to lose sight of the overall picture.  Neelam set it all out clearly and broke things down, making it easier for me to see what needs doing. Neelam was so enthusiastic and insightful in every session, offering very helpful suggestions and was great at making me feel more positive about my career.

Ravi Paul

Group Compliance Analyst​ - TUI

Neelam is a brilliant listener and that is imperative as she was then able to probe me with relevant questions to gain access to the picture from various angles. She is emotionally intelligent in asking right questions and advising on; broadening my vision, thinking and feeling more positive than before.
The first session was key as she set the tone going forward. She was absolutely brilliant in identifying ALL areas I was struggling with. Having to score each area based on what I truly felt portrayed a picture from which she could guide me on and she has done that to an extent which I had never thought possible. She communicated effectively as I opened up to her about private matters which led to a clear focus on both personal and professional goals. She provided her own life experiences to guide me which really inspired me.
Neelam has all the attributes of a successful coach, particularly in her ability to guide people and provide solutions to problems. Through her empathy, she helped outline a clear pathway for me to succeed. As a result of her guidance, I have felt far more positive in myself to pursue my goals in life. I have applied what I have learnt in both my professional and personal life.
It was a pleasure to be coached by Neelam. I have already notified my friends and family who have noticed the change in my positive mindset which is a direct result of her hard work.
I would not hesitate in recommending Neelam as an executive coach. Having a coach has provided me with a stronger foundation to proceed from.

Kiran Dodeja,

Solicitor - London Corporate Legal

I started off the process by thinking “do I really need a coach?”, After one session with Neelam, my thinking changed to “everybody should have a coach”. Neelam really managed to help me focus on areas of my life that needed improving, which I did not even realise needed attention.


Neelam’s coaching provided me with the realisation that being fine/mediocre is not enough and that I should strive for more in all segments of my life. I really appreciated Neelam’s calm approach to coaching which made me feel totally at ease. She managed to give me guidance to help me find solutions. This in itself felt very empowering because she helped me to develop into a stronger version of myself. This enabled me to become more capable of dealing with issues that affected my day to day living.

I would not hesitate in recommending Neelam as a life coach. Having life coaching has given me a fresh perspective in respect of my goals and I can honestly say, I will never look back!

Sandip Hayer

Tax Director, Investment Banking - Credit Suisse

Neelam is an excellent coach who has helped me significantly over the last few months.  She is a great listener, was able to offer practical and effective solutions to help me cope with an extremely challenging role and followed up on progress regularly to ensure everything was on track.  She constantly challenges me which makes me think outside of the box for solutions.


Since Neelam has been coaching me I am approaching issues more strategically and am a lot more productive.  My time and people management have improved drastically.

Thank you, Neelam


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